Division Head


Mr. Edward Victor Silma




The Mechanical Engineering Division is headed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer Mr. Edward Victor Silma who is assisted by the Mechanical Engineers Mr. Hallowell and Miss Kadi Brima.

The Mechanical Division is one of the five divisions of the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure.

The mandate of the division includes the following:

  1. To repair, service and maintenance all mechanical plant equipment, machinery and vehicles of the Ministry and some Ministries/Agencies/Departments (MDA’s).
  2. Regulate norms (standards), monitor and supervise quarry operations nationwide.

The Division is divided into nine sections, namely;

1.  The Office of the Chief Mechanical Engineer (Admin. Section)

This is where all administrative matters of the division take place and it also serves as the liaison office between the workers and the management of the Ministry at New England.

2. The Main Motor Garage Section

This section is responsible for servicing, repairs and maintenance of the Ministry’s vehicles, both light and heavy duty vehicles. The areas of specialty of this section are the engines, gear boxes and the undercarriage. This section is the biggest section of the Division, but it is presently understaffed.

3. The Panel Beating Section

This section is responsible for body works, fixing and removal of windscreens, door and window glasses on vehicles, plant equipment and machinery. Presently, there is no official Panel Beater in the Ministry as some have died in active service whilst some have left because of retirement.

4. The Auto-Electrical Section

All auto-electrical works are done in this section. Some of their responsibilities include re-wiring of vehicles, repairs to alternators, starter motors etc.

5. The Plant Yard Section

This section is responsible for the servicing, repairs and maintenance of plant equipment and machinery including earthwork machines, heavy duty equipment, generators etc. Another responsibility of this section is the attendance, servicing, repairs and maintenance of heavy duty generators in government buildings such as the Law Court Building, Roxy Building, MWHI Headquarters etc.

6. The Machine Shop Section

This is where one of the most important technological operations takes place. Operations such as machining of machine elements, calibration of Injector Pumps, grinding of Cylinder Heads to name a few are done in this section.

7. The Blacksmith/Locksmith and Welding Section

This is where technological operations such Foundry Technology, Welding Technology, Casting Technology, cutting of different kinds of keys for different locks etc., take place. This section lacks the capacity it deserves because it is seriously under staffed and presently, there is no Locksmith in this section.

8. The Refrigeration Section

Most of the cooling system units in government buildings like Miatta Conference, Parliament Building etc., are maintained by this section of the Mechanical Division, but they are very much understaffed.

9. The Drivers Section

This section hosts the few official drivers of the Ministry.