Division Head


Mr. Sylvanus Babatunde Pratt



The Housing Division is headed by the Housing Officer Mr. Sylvanus Babatunde Pratt who is assisted by the Building Inspector Mr. Delphon Pratt.

The Housing Division is one of the five divisions in the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure.

The Housing Division is responsible for the designing and formulation of Housing policy and the regulation of Building Construction.

The Office of the Director of Housing

The Director of Housing heads the Housing Division and he oversees the day to day running of the division. The Director of Housing is the Chief Technical Adviser on all Housing and Building policy matters to Government.

The Housing Division is divided into the following three Sections :

a)    The  Housing Section

b)    The Development Control Section (Building Inspectorate Section)

The Housing Section

The Housing section designs, develops and produces sustainable and affordable housing schemes. Some of these schemes make use of local building materials to produce standardized silveram plastic mud blocks. The Housing section inspects the standard and certifies the condition of Government rented buildings. The section is also responsible for the payment of rents and rates. Presently the Housing Section is undertaking the following projects:

  • The Demonstration Houses along the Waterloo Masiaka Highway using local building materials.
  • The Affordable Housing Scheme at Kerry Town.
  • The Housing Scheme at Spur Road.

TheDevelopment Control Section (Building Inspectorate Section)

The Chief Building Inspector heads the Development Control Section and supervises Senior Building Inspectors and all other junior inspectors.

The Development Control Section ensures all constructions meet the require standards as stipulated in the 1960 Freetown Improvement Act. This is accomplished by issuing building permits before the commencement of any construction. The section also inspects existing buildings to ensure its suitability.

TheDevelopment Control Section is staffed with inspectors that do the inspection of the land/site and building plan before the building permit is issued. The inspectors also inspect the different phases of construction of buildings to ensure there are no deviations from approved plans. The inspectors are supervised by Area supervisors and are also responsible for the enforcement of the Building Regulation Act of 1960.

A National Building Code document is currently been formulated to replace the outdated 1960 Freetown Improvement Act.