Division Head


Mr. Hassan Yanni Savage



The Civil Engineering Division is headed by the Senior Executive Engineer Mr. Hassan Yanni Savage who is assisted by the Civil Engineer Mr. Paul Bockarie.


  • To develop and facilitate the implementation of policies and programmes for the development of high standard Civil Engineering Practices, especially Roads,  Buildings, Maintenance of Inland Jetties, Wharfs and Airports/ Access roads and drainages leading to government quarters.
  • To develop safe, reliable and sustainable installation in  government buildings
  • Regulate standards in the storage of petroleum products.
  • Secretariat for coastal erosion and sea face protection.

The Civil Engineering Division is divided into five sections, namely: –

  1. The Office of the Chief Civil Engineer

This office is the head of the Civil Engineering Works Division and is responsible to the Professional Head and Deputy Professional Head. It is where all administrative matters of the division take place; represent the division in senior staff meetings and the head of the Civil Engineering supervision team.

  1. The Office of the Senior Executive Engineer

This is where all survey layouts and site plans are prepared. The Senior Executive Engineer oversees the design of structural works and supervision of civil works.

  1.  Engineering Section

The Engineering section prepares all structural plans and supervises all structural drawings. The Engineers in this section work on Civil Engineering projects supervise the design of structural works, minor road construction works and general maintenance works.

  1. Surveyor Draughtsman Section

This section is responsible for all survey and structural plans and supervises all surveying work on site. The Chief Surveyor Draughtsman is the head of this section.