About Us

The Ministry is headed by the topmost official the Minister who is assisted by a deputy Minister. Both of them are appointed by the President. The main objective of the Minister and the deputy Minister is to drive and implement the president’s vision relating to Infrastructure as outlined under pillar 4 of the Agenda For Prosperity document.


The Objectives of the Ministry are as follows:

  1. —  To develop appropriate policies and programmes for a safe, reliable and sustainable national road network for the enhancement of economic growth and development.
  2. —  To provide public officers with appropriate social infrastructure for the conduct of government business.
  3. —  To regulate the Housing Sector through the formulation of sound and effective policies.
  4. —  To regulate the Institute of Professional Engineers


The Ministry consists of two main components as follows:-

  1. Administrative Wing headed by the Permanent Secretary

The Administrative Wing provides advisory services and managerial support to the Ministry for the formulation and implementation of programmes. The Ministry has constituted a Change Management team to move forward the reform process, especially the recommendations contained in the Management and Functional Review Report of the Ministry.

  1. Professional Wing headed by the Professional Head

The Professional Wing is further divided into the following divisions:-

  • —  Architectural Division – is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of public buildings.
  • —  Civil Engineering Division – caters for sea face protection, the design and construction of internal airfields, access roads to government quarters, wharfs, jetties, mini hydro and drainage. This division is also part of the building maintenance team.
  • —  Mechanical Engineering Division – is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all vehicles, plants and equipment for the Ministry.
  • —  Housing Division – acts as a focal point for all housing matters and collaborates with other government institutions and NGOs interested in shelter to provide access to decent, sanitary and affordable housing for the population.

The Professional Head provides overall supervision for these divisions.