MWHI Embarks On A National Tour

On Friday the 12th of August 2016, the Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Honorable Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, the permanent secretary and other staff of the ministry undertook a three days national tour of all the ongoing road projects in the country.

The Honorable Minister engaged the contractor of Pavi-fort on the status of the project, as the company is currently doing drainage construction on the remaining roads in the town.

The Honorable Minister underscored the importance of constructing the drainage systems during the rainy season as it will give the engineers an opportunity to know the water behavior pattern in their area of work. He expressed satisfaction over the work done so far by one local company, which was sub- contracted by Pavi-fort. He told workers of Arsenal Company to continue to do their work effectively and efficiently. He also encouraged them to increase the asphalt content on the road.

In the morning hours of the Saturday 13th August 2016, the Honorable Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure undertook a tour of Koidu city, Kono District. The GUICOPRES GROUPE S/L construction company is doing 20.4 km for the township roads of Kono.

Notwithstanding, the Honorable Minister was very passionate to visit the much talked about Congo bridge. During the visit to the bridge, the minister was disappointed with what was reported over the news and what he met on the ground. During an engagement with the lead contractor for CHICO, he (contractor) assured the minister that as he can see for himself the rehabilitation work on the bridge has started and that is why all the vehicles that accompanied the minister were able to use the bridge itself. He promised the minister that as soon as the rains subside, the company will complete work in the area.

The Honorable Minister and his entourage departed for Bo-Bandajuma to view the MRU Bridge. The contractor for the said road is CSE, the entourage visited their campsite and quarry.The minister expressed delight that he has seen readiness in them to continue the work at the start of the dry season. He however reminded them that the project is time bound.
On the same day, the Honorable Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay and entourage departed for Moyamba junction. The Moyamba road, Magbele Bridge and Mabang bridge projects are to be constructed by MSF Construction Company. The company is currently mobilizing its equipment, constructing its site and also excavating it quarry site along the Mile 91 to Moyamba junction highway