MWHI Empowered the Building Inspectorate

To improve on the infrastructural development in line with President Koroma’s Agenda for Prosperity, the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure has provided five (5) motorbikes to the Housing Division for them to improve on their field inspection work. In his keynote address, the Professional Head in the Ministry Mr. Edward P Ganda said that this is just the start in improving the Building Inspectorate in the Housing Division, adding that plans are underway in getting additional bikes and vehicles. He commended the Building Inspectors who had worked tremendously hard in the field with inadequate mobility, emphasizing that with these motorbikes they will manage to reach throughout the length and breadth of the Western Area. Mr. Ganda mentioned that similar venture will be made to the provincial offices which will help Government to increase revenue collection. The Acting Head of the Housing Division Mr. Sylvanus Pratt lauded the Government and Senior Officers in the Ministry who came to their rescue and assured all staff members that these motorbikes will be utilized judiciously. He went on to say that the difficulty in tracking people who are refusing to obtain Building Permits will be minimized as these motorbikes will enhance pursuance of defaulters. The Acting Deputy Secretary1 Mr. Ibrahim S. Kamara who chaired the ceremony revealed that the Building Inspectorate is so useful and has created an impact within the Ministry.